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About The Book and the Program

The Wow of HOW program is a personal development/growth program based on my very successful Live the Life You Want system.. It was inspired by a number of people over the course of more than twenty years, telling me they have had enough of being told "what" they needed to be doing in their lives, without being given a tangible "how."

When the pressure came on to write this book, I contacted a friend in NZ to ask "Why would I do this?" For goodness sakes - there are thousands of "self help" programs out there.

His answer was instantaneous. He said "Tom, as you know, I had spent thousands doing a bunch of different programs before I met you. All of them were good, but the fact that I kept looking tells the story. What they were best at, was telling me what I should be doing – but I already knew that. What I needed was "How," and in the 20 years I’ve known you, you’ve always been able to give that to me. You have to write this program!"

So what You have before you is the result of over 20 years of experience and training. The practical and universally applicable principles in the Live the Life You Want Program have helped change the lives of hundreds of people around the world, and now I am hoping to bring this positive change to thousands more via the book, worksheets, and videos that I have put together here.

Why "The Wow of How"?

Many people ask me why the book that accompanies this program is called "The Wow of How". The title is meant as an affirmation of how wonderful life can be when you have the right tools to live it on your terms. It is the joy or the "WOW" of discovering just HOW to do that.

Despite a very rough childhood and background, I have been fortunate enough to discover the simple and practical tools that I reveal in this book. They have turned me into the person I have today.

Some Background

When I first started this journey of life, I was raised on a small farm in New Zealand where I was mentally and physically beaten by my parents on a daily basis. When my father was not beating me, then my mother would be telling me that I should have died at birth and that I was “BORN USELESS”.

As you can imagine, life wasn't very pleasent. One day, after a horrific two hour beating, I decided to prove that although I may have been Born Useless, I wasn’t entirely useless – I at least had the courage to do something about it. At the age of eight years old, I went up a hill overlooking his house and stuck a loaded shotgun up to my head to try and take my own life. When I couldn’t pull the triggers no matter how hard I tried, I then experienced his first emotional breakdown.

That day I decided I deserved whatever happened to me in life. My inability to pull the trigger forfeited all my whining and blaming rights. The result of this learning was that I never complained again and I took personal responsibility for everything I did in my life.

In the years since, I have achieved every personal and business goal he has ever set for himself, including but not limited to starting and selling multiple succesful companies, transforming individuals and companies the world over to reach incredible heights, and helping change the lives of many people the world over. I say this not to brag, but to show that anyone from any background can rise and and achieve any goal - if only they have the correct tools.

This book and program is the result of all the tools that I have discovered that have helped me and countless others reach their goals. Are you ready to discover what they are? Click on the Program and Book descriptions above to learn more...